KristyAfter 22 years of working as a fashion Designer in Sydney and Melbourne I have returned home to my hometown of Launceston, Tasmania with my beautiful son Lukas. Here I work with my father in his sculpture foundry in Golden Valley, Deloraine and work on my own creative projects for Silva Pieces and travel around this beautiful island to rediscover and share its hidden secrets with the world.

Silva Pieces is a destination dedicated to bringing readers regular inspiration in all things art and Tasmanian. I launched this blog as a place where I can write about topics that I feel passionate about, amazing places I discover and creations that inspire me. It is a place where I can showcase Tasmania, its creatives and all that it has to offer. Here we have a clean environment with some spectacular landscapes, lush rainforests, quiet solitary beaches, pristine wilderness, unique animal creatures and of course some amazing arts and cultural experiences as well as authentic food and wine experiences that I am going to share.

I hope to showcase artists works that I love, share incredible creations, interesting lifestyle stories, unique interiors and fabulous finds. I love flowers, sunshine, cushions, the beach, sunsets, danish design, chairs, movies, books, summer, shoes, jewellery, food, wine, photography and art - so expect to see lots of that here! 

So thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment whether you are a stranger or a friend, I hope we can connect. Enjoy!

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